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Berita serupa yg juga dimuat di media, a.l. seperti ini:

#  As America fights, China gets contracts


"After a war that has cost the lives of more than 2,200 Americans and over 17,000 Afghans, not to mention a bill of upward of $642 billion, it has been China, not the United States, that may commercially conquer Afghanistan. The situation is a replay of what has happened in Iraq, where Americans have suffered 4,486 casualties. In June, the New York Times reported that, since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, Iraq has become one of the world's top oil producers and that China has become its biggest customer, buying almost 1.5 million barrels a day, almost half of what Iraq produces."


Selengkapnya, klik :






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"Dari pada uangnya dipinjamkan ke Amerika. Ya kalau bayar kembalinya lancar"

Menurutku, bagus juga uang "dipinjamkan" kepada USA, bisa diartikan saja sebagai uang cicilan membeli  (memborong) seluruh
 USA  se-isi2nya !
Tidak usah dengan perang, dengan hukum2 mereka sendiri bisa menaklukkan  neoliberalisme, neokolonialisme......hahahahaa.....


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Teori orang Hokkian ini bagus, makanya lambat tetapi selamat dan menjadi besar.
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Bung Lin,
Terimakasih penjelasannya. Kok seperti dagangnya orang Hokkian dulu di Indonesia. Untung sedikit, tjin tjay ( tidak apa ), asal punya langganan banyak.
Di sini rupanya untung sedikit, tetapi kalau ribuan ton ya, jadi banyak, dan berputar cepat.
Di samping itu juga bisa membuat harga minyak bumi stabil. Kalau harga minyak bumi naik terus industry Tiongkok bisa macet.
Dari pada uangnya dipinjamkan ke Amerika. Ya kalau bayar kembalinya lancar
Dan kerjanya yang gampang2 saja, yang teknologinya sudah dikuasai. Jadi risiko kecil.
Amerika rupanya sedang mengexploitasi ladang2 gas dan minyak bumi dalam negeri dan bangun pelabuhan2 kapal2 tanker untuk export. Rupanya bakal tidak tergantung Timur Tengah 
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Bg. Djie
Iraq oil
Entah apa saja alasan untuk menyerbu Irak, yang jelas pelaku utama of Iraq War adalah G Bush, Dick Cheney dan Rumsfeld…ke-tiga2nya mempunya akar dan kaki yang dalam menamcap dalam Industri Minyak Tanah dan kaya-raya  karena itu.
Impian mereka kan : Ladang Minyak dan Gas Iraq dan menamcapkan dalam2 kaki mereka di Timur Tengah.
Kompound kedutaan Amerika adalah terbesar dan termahal didunia adalah di Irak, Bagdad.Luasnya lebih dari 100 accres, designed dengan fasilty perumahan bagi 1200 lebih pengawai pemerintahan Amerika dengan kesatuan bersenjatanya sendiri dalam kompleks, tembok beton yang tinggi mengelilingi kompleks, dan US menuntut “immunity” bagi “semua “pegawainya dikompleks inin  ( ditolak oleh Iraq.). Apa tujuan Amerika, apakah menciptakan “pemerintahan bayangan untuk mengkotrol pemerintah Irak ? Kok "gampang" sekali Amerika mendapatkan blok sebesar itu dan  menjadikan sepenuhnya  USA  sovereignity
Tetapi Impian Amerika untuk mengkontrol Ladang minyak dan Gas Iraq bagaikan balloon meletus diudara kosong., Pemerintah Irak telah menkontrak ladang2 minyak dan gasnya pada – perusahaan2 minyak dan gas dari 18 negara
Petikan dari:
China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom
Nabil Al-Jourani/Associated Press
An oil refinery in Basra, southeast of Baghdad, in which China has a stake. China has poured money and workers into Iraq.
“The Chinese are the biggest beneficiary of this post-Saddam oil boom in Iraq,” said Denise Natali, a Middle East expert at the National Defense University in Washington. “They need energy, and they want to get into the market.”
“We lost out,” said Michael Makovsky, a former Defense Department official in the Bush administration who worked on Iraq oil policy. “The Chinese had nothing to do with the war, but from an economic standpoint they are benefiting from it, and our Fifth Fleet and air forces are helping to assure their supply.
Tanggapan Irak:
Abdul Mahdi al-Meedi, an Iraqi Oil Ministry official who handles contracts with foreign oil companies.:
"Notably, what the Chinese are not doing is complaining. Unlike the executives of Western oil giants like Exxon Mobil, the Chinese happily accept the strict terms of Iraq’s oil contracts, which yield only minimal profits. China is more interested in energy to fuel its economy than profits to enrich its oil giants. “We don’t have any problems with them,” “They are very cooperative. There’s a big difference, the Chinese companies are state companies, while Exxon or BP or Shell are different.”
But the Chinese, frequently as partners with other European companies like BP and Turkish Petroleum, have filled the vacuum. And they have been happy to focus on oil without interfering in other local issues. “The Chinese are very simple people,” said an Iraqi Oil Ministry official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not have permission to speak to the news media. “They are practical people. They don’t have anything to do with politics or religion. They just work and eat and sleep.”
International energy experts said the Chinese had a competitive advantage over Western oil companies working in Iraq. They noted that the Chinese, unlike many Western oil companies, are willing to accept service contracts at a very low per barrel oil fee without the promise of rights to future reserves
The Chinese companies and their workers also win high marks for their technical expertise, as long as they are not working in complicated oil fields, like those in deep waters. “They offer a lot of capital and a willingness to get in quickly and with a high appetite for risk,” said Badhr Jafar, president of Crescent Petroleum, an independent oil and gas company based in the United Arab Emirates and a big gas producer in Iraq. He said the Chinese were vital to Iraq’s efforts to expand oil production, adding, “They don’t have to go through hoops to get people on the ground and working.”
If the United States invasion and occupation of Iraq ended up benefiting China, American energy experts say the unforeseen turn of events is not necessarily bad for United States interests. The increased Iraqi production, much of it pumped by Chinese workers, has also shielded the world economy from a spike in oil prices resulting from Western sanctions on Iranian oil exports. At the same time, China’s interest in Iraq could also help stabilize the country as it faces a growing sectarian conflict.
Tim Arango reported from Baghdad, and Clifford Krauss reported from Houston
Bg. Djie,
Sekedar tanggapan sya dengan mengutip dari kana dan kiri.
Salam, Lin
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