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Sebuah film yang secara obyektip paling berhasil membongkar latar belakang
tentang terjadinya Genosida 65 di Indonesia, saya kira adalah film yang dibuat
oleh John Pilger - The New Rulers Of The World [2001].

Dalam film dokumenternya itu, John Pilger bukan hanya membongkar kekejaman
yang dilakukan oleh militer Indonesia, tetapi juga ditunjukkan dampak sosial politik
sebagai akibat telah dihancurkannya kekuatan kiri anti imperialis melalui Genosida tsb.

Secara singkat bisa ditarik kesimpulan, bahwa pembunuhan massal 1965-1966 ditujukan
bukan sekedar hanya untuk melampiaskan kekejaman diluar batas kemanusiaan belaka oleh
para pelakunya (militer Indonesia yg. didukung CIA /AS), tetapi yang utama adalah untuk
pemulihan kembali /restorasi sistem penjajahan model baru di Indonesia y.i.
sistem neokolonialisme oleh korporasi internasional dan kaum oligarkhi finans sedunia.
Sampai sekarang, sejak berdirinya rezim militer otoriter Orba /Suharto, sistem perkonomian
Indonesia yg berwatak perekonomian neokolonial masih tetap belum berubah.

Video, klik :



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After The Act of Killing:
Historical Justice and the 1965-66 Mass Killings in Indonesia

The Herb Feith Foundation, the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies and the Indonesia Forum at the University of Melbourne invite you to a special multi-site Conference in conjunction with STF Driyarkara University, Jakarta.

In 1965, together with civilian death squads, the Indonesian military killed 500,000–1,000,000 people. For 48 years the perpetrators of these killings have enjoyed complete impunity and are treated as national heroes. Joshua Oppenheimer's multi-award winning film The Act of Killing has brought the Indonesian genocide to the attention of the world.

Join us to discuss the 1965-66 mass killings; their background, implementation, aftermath and where to from here?

Speakers at the conference will include John Roosa from Vancouver, Max Lane, Vannessa Hearman, Annie Pohlman, Kate McGregor, Djin Siauw, Jessica Melvin, Sri Wahyuningroem, Ariel Heryanto in Melbourne and in Indonesia, Baskara T Wardaya, Hilmar Farid, Bonnie Triyana and Anonymous, co-Director of The Act of Killing with a Special Guest.

This event also includes the launch of the first book in the Herb Feith Translation Series.

The Truth Will Out: Indonesian Accounts of the 1965 Mass Violence, edited by Baskara T. Wardaya, translated by Jennifer Lindsey, Herb Feith Translation Series, Monash University Press. This striking compilation of essays surveys a variety of views about the 1965 mass violence in Indonesia and current efforts to understand it. This book provides a valuable window into why this past remains contested today and some of the obstacles to reconciliation and full rehabilitation of survivors.

Date : Friday, 30 August 2013
Time : 9am – 6pm
Venue Theatre 227, 234 Queensberry Street,
The University of Melbourne RSVP

23 August 2013, herb.feith. or by phone to
03 8523 94 92.
This event is free but RSVP is essential as numbers are limited.

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